Create an embed

I'll tell you the first way to send an embed!

  • Just type ?embed in a chat and write a text behind it, for example ?embed example.

The second way to send an embed is to use the dashboard!

  • If you're not logged in click on the button "Dashboard" in the right corner, a new tab will open where you have to authorize the LenoxBot.

  • If you're logged in just click on your profilepicture in the right corner and select "My servers".

  • Then you can see a list of all your servers select the server where you want LenoxBot to send an embed, if LenoxBot isn't on the server just invite him.

  • Then select "Utility" on the left side of the website.

  • At first you see "Send an embed" just choose the channel where you want LenoxBot to send an embed, after you've done that fill out all fields and click on "Submit" to send the embed.