Create a playlist

You wanted to add your own playlist but havn't got one at YouTube? Then you only need a serverkey and can start! The first command is ?playlist new <YourPlaylistName> to create a playlist. Then you can add a song for example jingle bells. After you typed the song title there came many songs with this name. That's why you musst type a number of this song selection and then you added a song in your first playlist. Now you have the choice either you wanted to add more songs then you typed the next song title or you were finished and type finish

Here you musst choose a number of the song selection

If you typed finish but wanted to add more songs you have another way. With the ?playlist addsong <YourPlaylistName> and the exact song title. You added the wrong song?

Then you only type this command ?playlist remove <YourPlaylistName> and the exact song title.