Staff Members

If you can apply as Documentation-Moderator, Moderator and something else, we'll announce that on our Support Discord Server and Twitter.

What's an Administrator?

Administrators are managers who manage the whole bot and staff team. You identify Administrators with the red role "Administrator" on our Support Discord server.

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Tasks of an Administator:

What's a Developer?

Developers develope the bot and our website/dashboard. If the Proposalwriters / Bugreporters approve a proposal / bugreport, they'll fix the bug or develope that what you've proposed.

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What's a Moderator?

Moderators moderate the whole Discord server and bot. They warn/mute/kick/ban the users. If an user needs help, they'll support them on our Support Discord server. Moderators also write new documentation entries. Probably this entry too? If you want to be a Moderator, you can apply here: Application form as Moderator

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