1.7.2 - 2018-12-22

  • Many strings have been changed

  • All logs have now different colors

  • Changed the description of the website

  • All answers of the ?shop command are now in Richembeds

  • You can now have the welcome and bye messages in embeds using $embed$ in your welcome/bye message

  • People who do the job "Harvest fields" get now more credits

  • Added new links in the website footer

  • Create new custom commands via the dashboard (

  • You can now buy and sell items using the words of the items (in the server language)

  • Our new statuspage is now in the help command

  • You can now give your friends your inventory items with the new command ?giveitem

  • New minigame ?hangman to play solo or with your Discord friends

  • Added new socialmedia: GitHub, Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit

  • All current premium users have a badge on their website profile

  • New badges have been added (XP badges, buy/sell badges)

  • New command ?joinrole to define which roles new users will get when they join your Discord server

  • Some translation mistakes

  • You couldn't get the stats of a fortnite account with a space in the name

  • "Harvest fields" was undefined in the ?job command

  • The months were written in German on the website. We changed it to English

  • Ticket system

1.7.1 - 2018-11-12

  • Prices of the crate and the cratekey have been updated

  • New items have been added in the ?opencrate command

  • Userkeys weren't saved for the user