Earn credits

How to earn credits?

You can earn credits in different ways!

  • ?daily (?d) you can earn 200 credits every 24 hours.

  • ?loot (?l) you can earn random credits and random items every 10 minutes. (As Premium Userkey you get the twice as much)

  • ?job you choose a jop by typing a number between 1 & 10. Then you wait until the job has been

  • completed and as a reward you will receive a random amount of credits. (Profi tip: The longer the job, the more credits you get.)

  • ?matheven more you win, you'll get more credits

  • You can also earn between 100-1000 credits by clicking on the Vote button and vote for the bot. (In the weekend you receive between 200 and 2000 credits for upvoting the bot)

  • You can earn 200 credits by reporting a bug on Discord. More information you'll get here.