Buy/Sell items

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Buy items

Type ?shop in the chat and decide the item and the amount you want to buy.

?shop Command

If you want you can also react with :arrow_forward: ( ▶) to see more items from the shop.

The second and third shop page.

If you decided an item type in ?shop buy {amount} {item}, for example ?shop buy 1 :soccer:, to buy the item(s).

?shop buy {amount} {item}

Sell items

Type ?inventory to see all items you own and you can sell.


After you've checked all your items type ?shop sell {amount} {item} in the chat, for example ?shop sell 1 :soccer:, to sell the item(s).

Sold 1 and 2 items.

Buying or selling any LenoxBot-Item is totaly free, the only currency we use is the own currency from the LenoxBot!

If you want to know how to earn credits check the following documentation entry: