We are currently doing a recode of the badges system!

How I can see my badges?

First way
Second way
First way

The first way is the ?userinfo command, this is the easiest way. You just type ?userinfo {@user/userID} or ?ui {@user/userID} to see the profile of an user, on the profile you can also see the badges, the problem with this command is: When a user have more than 5 badges you can just see 5 of them, so if a user have more than 5 badges use the second way.

?userinfo Command

Here we can see the "Top 5" badges of a user, if you want to know what emoji is standing for what badge scroll down.

Second way
  • Click on your profile in the top of the right corner, now you see two possibilities: "Profile" "My servers"

  • Click on "Profile", then you can see your profile and all of your badges, if you want to see the badges of another user type ?userinfo {@user/userID} in the chat and copy the user-id.

?userinfo Command
  • Copy the numbers behind the username.

  • Then type in your browser "{the copied user-id}" to open the profile of another user.

Which badges exists?

Here is a list of all badges:

  • 🅰 - Administator

  • - Developer

  • 👮 - Moderator

  • 👁 - Documentation-Proofreader

  • 📝 - Documentation-Moderator

  • 🗣 - Translation-Leader

  • 👁 - Translation-Proofreader

  • - Donator

  • 🈚 - Translator

  • 🎁 - Birthday 2018

  • 🅱 - Bugreporter

  • 🅿 - Proposalwriter

  • 📤 - First purchased item / First sold item

  • 📈 - 1000xp / 10000xp